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After viewing the Video, please read on and YOU WILL AGREE WHY our No Bottle Water Cooler is so UNIQUE in the INDUSTRY. It UPDATES the traditional Bottle and Bottleless (filtered) Water Coolers making it cost efficient and more convenient to use.  It also provides safe, healthy, clean and better tasting COLD water for you to drink. Depending upon the type of cooler, never again running out of water as you used to.

The advantages of our No Bottle Water Cooler(s) are:

  • The patented Drain:
  • How about that drain !!.  The drain now becomes a Huge Plus.  It makes the No Bottle Water Cooler friendlier and easier to use than any other water cooler in the market.  Now you don’t have to empty that dirty, smelly water that sits and overloads in the drip tray and goes onto the floor also onto your clothes when having to empty it.  All these problems are now ELIMINATED.  The drip tray works just like a sink, the water from the faucet(s) or excess water from the cup, flows or pours into the water catch tray (drip tray) and indirectly drains to the sink…NO MORE MESSES
  • Typically a 20% – 75% Savings seen over the Bottled Water.  We may even meet or beat our competitors (Bottleless {filtered} Water Coolers) prices.  Also, in many cases the DRAIN may be included FREE of charge.
  • No longer will you have to lift or change the heavy 5 gallon bottles any more.  No more storing of bottles that take up all that space anymore. Not to worry about running out of water before the next scheduled delivery.  Eliminates the Bookkeeping of bottles.  Big factor…No more emptying the Drip Tray.
  • If there are CHILDREN IN THE AREA they will NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY with the DRIP TRAY as it is sealed into the water cooler as a DRAIN.
  • Our water is HIGHLY FILTERED in accordance to the NSF TESTING STANDARDS.  We filter your water according to your location assuring you get the safest, best tasting, healthiest water available…tasteless, odorless and colorless … the way drinking water should be. GUARANTEED.
  • We Install and service our systems at NO CHARGE.  It’s all included in the monthly rental fee.  WE ESPECIALLY PRIDE OURSELVES ON THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE changing filters and servicing the No Bottle Water cooler(s) on a timely scheduled manor.  You can rest assured that if you experience any kind of issues with our systems, we are there for you right away.  UNLIKE other companies you never have to call us twice for service as we are there with the FIRST call.
  • The

    …there is no comparison between our No Bottle Water Cooler over any other water cooler, whether it be a Bottle Water Cooler or a Bottleless (filtered) Water Cooler.     CONTACT US:    or     GIVE US A CALL,

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Serving the Greater Boston area for 23 years.