About Us

This business was established in 1990. After a few years into this vast industry of Water Filtration we noticed the new, up and coming, segment of our industry. It was the water cooler with a water filtration system. We saw many problems associated with bottle water coolers. Among other things, a need for corporate customers to reduce the cost of providing their employees with a glass of water quality good tasting drinking water. Shortly thereafter, we pursued bringing to the Boston area market water coolers with the water filtration system and created the Bottleless Water Cooler Company. Later becoming the No Bottle Water Cooler Company. You can find us on the Web at either name: www.anobottlewatercooler.com or www.bottlelesswatercooler.com.

The No Bottle Water Cooler Company specializes in the Filtered Water Coolers and ONLY Filtered Water Coolers, nothing else. We are dedicated to this segment of the industry.

In business, it’s a fair price, immediate service, convenience and most importantly making sure the customer is satisfied. That’s been our philosophy for twenty three (23) years and we still abide by this rule today.

Through the years we have provided hundreds of our corporate customers with our excellent service. Many of them are with us today, very satisfied and still enjoy drinking our highly filtered water.

A complaint many of our customers had was with the drip tray of the water coolers. Not being a manufacturer at the time, we raised our customer’s concerns with various water cooler manufacturers in an attempt to seek a resolution to our customer complaints. Repeatedly, we were told it was something they could not help us with and it was something our customers would have to live with. “That’s the way coolers are made and that’s it. If you want to do something about it —DO IT YOURSELF”.  Well, because WE CARE, so we did something about it. We patented a drain for our No Bottle Water Cooler System. The drain is something that no other company in the industry has. We have eliminated another major flaw of the water cooler. Our corporate customers can’t thank us enough for eliminating the nuisance of having to empty the drip tray by hand.  Now, the No Bottle Water Cooler is even more user friendly than ever.

We hope you too will enjoy our safe, clean, tasteless, odorless, colorless drinking water. That is the way your drinking water should be, keeping in mind; we also can save you at least some money if not a lot of money. The more water you use — the greater the savings.

We have been serving the Greater Boston, Massachusetts Area for 23 years.

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